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These are all the 'Waxing' products.

Sex Wax - X - Wax Product: Sex Wax - X - Wax
Details: Liquid dewaxer. Removes the resedue from your board and makes it shine.
. - £6.95
  Sorry, this product is not available online.
Sex Wax - Wax Pot & Comb Product: Sex Wax - Wax Pot & Comb
Details: Container for your wax. If it melts it remounlds and can be popped out by pushing the flexible bottom. With comb. No more melted wax in your car heater!
. - £7.95
Sex Wax - Wax Comb Product: Sex Wax - Wax Comb
Details: Wax comb and scraper.
. - £2.50
Sex Wax - Pickle Wax Remover Product: Sex Wax - Pickle Wax Remover
Details: Removes wax residue to make your board gleam. Comes with wax combe
. - £14.95
Sex Wax - Naval Wax Product: Sex Wax - Naval Wax
Details: Bodyboard wax. Specially formulated by Mr. Zogg to be compatible with bodyboard deck material.
  Sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
Sex Wax - . Product: Sex Wax - .
Details: The real thing..... Available in: BLUE-Tropical. RED-Warm or Basecoat. ORANGE-Cool. UK summer. GREEN-Cold. UK winter. PURPLE-V.cold or summer topcoat. YELLOW-Frigid or winter topcoat.

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